Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome to the basement!

Okay, it's time to make this official and stir up some interest in the book I've been working all year. BASEMENT SONGS is due for release later this year and I hope all of you will check for periodic updates.

I'll be self-publishing BASEMENT SONGS later this year. I've spent the better part of 2012 rewriting my original Popdose posts (plus one new one) and forming some kind of chronological/narr

ative structure. I've always called Basement Songs (the column) a memoir of sorts and I tried to hold true to that.

The book will be around 200 pages long and will sell for somewhere between 14-16 dollars. My plan is to have it available for the holiday season (hint hint), so keep that in mind. I also plan to create a Kindle version at the same time, so those of you who have forsaken paper products can also read it, too.

That's all for now. More updates and cool things to come.


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