Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I wonder what he'll think of me

The best response I've gotten for the book release hasn't come from someone who's actually read Basement Songs. The best response has come from Jacob, my wonderful son. When the first book arrived last week, he asked me if he could read it. Knowing that some of the content is a little too mature for him (or rather, I don't want him knowing everything about his dad yet), I told him that I thought the book was a little too adult for him.

      "But do you want to read it?" I asked him.
      "Oh yeah!" Jake exclaimed.

Today my second copy of the book (the corrected version) arrived on our doorstep. After I'd ripped open the box and inspected its formatting, Jake asked, "Dad, how old do I have to be to read your book?"

As a father and a writer, there is no better question to hear from your child. That he's taken an interest in my what I wrote almost brings me to tears. Someday soon he'll get to find out what a dork his dad was and how many boneheaded mistakes he made while growing up. He'll also find out how much I love him, his sister and his mother.

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