Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I love it, but I do mind that they're gone!

This morning at 4:20 AM, I dropped off Julie and the kids at LAX. They flew back to Cleveland to visit Julie's family for three weeks. I've been awake since 3:10 and I feel pretty good. I'm still waiting for the wall to hit me.


It gets harder and harder to say goodbye to the family when hey go on trips like this one. For this vacation we'll be apart longer than ever before. I wonder if their leaving added to the emotions I felt when Jake and I went to see Man of Steel over the weekend? Could be.

This time around I have some projects to do in the house, little tasks to keep my mind occupied and fill in the void left in the house when they aren't around. I can't talk about them on the Internet because Julie reads this blog.

I plan on writing, too. I need to dive back in and get the pen back on the page. I'm not talking about writing reveiws, either. I want to start another book and I have a new column for Popdose that I hope to begin publishing this week. These three weeks alone would seem ike the ideal time to really dig in and get some work done.

At this very moment I don't feel as if anything I'm writing is making a lick of sense. I suppose that wall has hit me. Or perhaps I've been away from you too long.

Maybe a little of both.

Well, here's song for you, my favorite pop summer song of '13, so far. Reminds me of riding in the car with the family.


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