Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Actual Nice Review for "King's Highway"

If you venture over to the King's Highway page on Netflix, you'll find some pretty scathing reviews. Some people are actually pissed off at me for making the movie. A part of me would like to reply to their comments, but after 10 years there's no point. We made a feature length digital movie for $5000, before there was a digital revolution! Is it perfect? No. But it's still a quality project with some great performances and some exceptional behind the scenes work. I stand by that as the writer/director and one of the producers.

If you haven't seen King's Highway, you can get it in the mail from Netflix (like anyone does that anymore), or you can stream it through Amazon Prime. The movie stars Geoff Stults, a sincere and talented actor who has a new sitcom that premieres on FOX in January.

Occasionally I'll check to see if anyone leaves their two cents, and it's on Amazon Prime that I found this really nice review:

"Did not know the actors and had never heard of the movie, but was pleasantly surprised by the touching story, and eccentrically real characters dealing with life's unexpected challenges. This one's definitely worth your time and will leave you feeling glad you experienced it. Enjoy!"
The review was written by "Anonymous." Thank you, Anonymous! Hopefully you'll inspire someone else to check out the movie.
And hey, if you want to own your own physical DVD of King's Highway, drop me a line. I have a box of them in my garage. Unless your name is Bob Bellamy. I already owe him one.

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