Sunday, May 12, 2013

100K and counting

I feel like this was a great Mother’s Day, but I’ll have to let Julie tell you that. Both of the kids sang in church this morning, and afterward Sophie made the family brunch. She’s becoming quite the cook.  She prepared biscuits (a favorite of hers to cook) and scrambled eggs. At her age I could barely make peanut butter and jelly for myself (occasionally with a slice of American cheese in the middle). I’m so impressed with the young lady she is becoming and the confidence she has in herself. Do I fret over her entering high school next year? Hell yes. It’s not her I’m concerned about, it’s the boys. I was a stupid teenage boy at one time. Hopefully the young male population has progressed in the thirty years since I was a freshman in high school. God, I hope so.

We spent most of the day lounging around, watching TV. The temperature outside was 103 degrees! I’ve lived in L.A. nearly twenty years and I can’t recall a May when it was this hot. 103? That’s insanity. We went to an early dinner, which was nice, and returned home for a round of Rock Band. I don’t know what inspired Jacob to pull that game out of the cobwebs in the toy room, but it was a blast jamming with the kids. Someday, perhaps, I really will bring my drums down from the rafters and set them up in the garage. I do miss playing them.

The past couple weeks were hectic. Julie’s parents were visiting for one of them, which meant that Jules and I slept in the living room on an air mattress. Something about not sleeping in my own bed screws with my writing rhythm. However, my writing partner, Jeff, and I completed a new TV spec script, so some good did come from that week. As for last week, it was an odd one. It was a busy one at the office and I found myself lacking energy and motivation when I got home at night.
The week did bring some fantastic news, though.

This week the CF Foundation had their annual Volunteer Appreciation Night in Hollywood. Julie and I rarely go to any of the CF events because they tend to fall on a weeknight and the drive sucks getting to and fro Los Angeles. Once again, we didn't attend this year, but we wish we would have. Team Jacob was recognized for reaching the "Century Club," which means we've raised $100,000 through our fundraising efforts over the years.

Can you believe that?

This is quite an accomplishment for our small little team. That means we've raised around 10K a year since we began our fundraising work. And with 90 cents of every dollar going to research, our money is making a difference!

I checked out the sales of Basement Songs this evening and the book has sold around 80 copies. I wish is was more. But I'm just some nobody. The key is trying to get people to read it and buy it, people who don't already know who I am. The column was never the most popular one on Popdose, but it did have dedicated followers. Would it help to write more Basement Songs columns? I'm not sure if I have any in me. I wish I did.

So if you're reading this now and you haven't bought the book, why is that? What can I do to inspire you to pick up a copy? Yes, there's a certain part of me as a author that really wants to reach that mass audience, but the fundraising aspect is sincere. I'm not making a dime off of this book. 

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. My mind is alive after the latest episode of Game of Thrones (only 3 episodes until the season is done!). I hope that all of you were able to celebrate Mother's Day.


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