Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter days

It's cold out this morning. Coooooold. I know that my east coast friends will tell me, "Malchus, you don't know cold, you thin skinned west coast baby!" But I'll tell you, a) I DO know cold, thank you very much, and b) it was frickin' ice cold when I rode my bike to the train station. Literally. I was riding across ice patches.

Alright, I'll stop my moaning. But I do feel new aches when I climb on my Specialized Crossroads 18 speeder each day. Is it age? Seems like I've had the same pains in my hips, knees and shoulders for months now. I recall the days when I could shake 'em off and plow through my waking hours. Not so much anymore.

It makes me wonder if my parents experienced the same thing in their 40s. I was in my teens, my formative years, when Mom & Dad lived through their 40s. I don't remember them having any issues. Maybe I was too self absorbed to notice, or maybe they just hid it well so as not to worry their kids. I bet it was a little of both.

I do know one thing, I've come to appreciate Tylenol PM. My sleeping habits are sporadic and I don't always climb into bed the most relaxed man. After a night with Ty PM, I don't feel quite so pained in the morning. That helps on days like today... when it's so damn cold outside.

I'll stop now because I realize that I'm being infantile. I've seen real pain first hand, people with debilitating arthritis who fight through their agony and carry on a 40 hour work week. I can endure some minor creaks in my bones. And I can endure the cold chill that comes with a two mile bike ride to the train station.

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