Sunday, April 14, 2013

The squeaky cough

Jacob has been sick all week fighting a nasty cold. He missed several days of school, but went on Friday when he seemed to turn a corner. Waiting around that corner seems to have been a wall. Yesterday and today he has had a squeaky cough that keeps him hacking all day long and into the night. Not sure how he's getting any sleep. Right now I can hear him coughing away. He complains that his chest hurts and I can only imagine how it must feel. When I get sick with a cold I actually get nauseous from the pain in my chest when there's nothing left to spit up, yet my body keeps fighting and making me cough.

"Everybody gets a cold," Julie reminded me the other day, but I still worry. Hearing him like this makes me feel useless, the worst feeling any parent can have.  I just want to wrap him up and squeeze the germs out of him. I wish I had super powers to do that. Jake would really get a kick out of that.

Last year Jacob seemed to be fighting the same damn cold for half the year, He never could shake some virus he got in the summer.  Around Christmas, after a heavy dose of antibiotics, he finally seemed to kick that SOB. I pray that this isn't the start of another long battle. Of course his body has been battling since the day his way born. He has been strong and his lungs have remained healthy. Damn it, if I could just... do something other than watch Justice League Unlimited with him to make him feel better.

I'll use my frustration to seque into my ple for donations. GREAT STRIDES is two weeks away. If any of you reading this can make a donation to the CF Foundation we would greatly appreciate it. As I say all of the time, there is no right amount. Every little bit helps!

We are about halfway to our goal. Please click on this link and consider helping.

If you are stopping here for the first time, you may be wondering why I'm writing about Cystic Fibrosis when this is a website dedicated to my Basement Songs book. If you read the book, you will discover that CF plays an important part in the story I tell. Thank you for coming to the website.


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