Monday, April 15, 2013


I have run two marathons and many half marathons. Each race ended with a feeling of triumph and accomplishment. Here in Santa Clarita, the people of our community come together to volunteer and cheer on runners of all ages and skill. One of my proudest moments was crossing the finish line with Jacob when we ran the SC 5K two years ago in a freezing rain. Race days are a time of celebration, a time to embrace our differences and root for your fellow man.

I have seen the carnage from the bombings today and I want to cry. I have read about the dead (including a child) and I want to cry. I think about the fear that has been gripped so many tonight and I want to cry. I think about the families whose lives are shattered thanks to some asshole(s) and I want to cry.

But I see how the volunteers and the people of Boston came together as a community to help one another and, well, I want to cry.

Dear Monster who decided to detonate a bomb in a crowded area in the middle of the day, this afternoon you may have had a small victory, but tomorrow we will rise up, find strength in one another and carry on. We shall persevere.

God Bless the people of Boston and the victims of the bombing today.

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