Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2014 Rock Hall nominees/SRV

I can't say that the list of Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame nominees this year are a bad bunch. Some people (i.e. critics) may scoff at the inclusion of KISS, but whether you like the band or not they did alter the landscape of  rock music. I'm thrilled to see the Replacements and Peter Gabriel get nominated. The 'Mats helped establish what we call indie rock and Gabriel is one of the founding fathers of alternative music. Also, he opened the eyes of young people who otherwise may not have taken interest to the plight of black South Africans living under the thumb of apartheid. Gabriel's moving anthem, "Biko," remains a cornerstone in the movement to end apartheid.

Although it's not going to happen (again), Chic deserves to get in. They were more than just a disco band. Listen to their songs and you'll be amazed and how groundbreaking they were.

Now, will someone explain why Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble were not nominated?

If you check out this Wiki quotes page, you'll find words by 14 different Hall of Fame inductees all praising Stevie (the one by Clapton is especially nice). Stevie was a man who kept the blues alive in the 1980s, a time when most of the guitar greats had either conformed to the mainstream (a la Clapton) or fallen into obscurity. And his band? Double Trouble was not just two (and later three) guys backing up a guitar virtuoso.  Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon (and later Reese Wynans) were as good as Booker T & the MGs when they played with Otis, or the E street Band when they're onstage with the Boss. Double Trouble locked in to Stevie and together they became a force of nature.

I just don't get how this important figure who continues to influence new generations of guitar players has not been recognized by the Rock Hall.

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