Saturday, November 10, 2012


December 4, 2012.

As I typed this date to announce the day the book will go on sale, I realized the significance of it. I must admit that I chose it because I thought it would give people enough time to make their purchase and get a copy before the holidays. It's the first Tuesday of December and all new books usually hit shelves on Tuesdays.

But seeing December 4 typed out in front of me... it's a day away from the one year marker of my brother-in-law Seann's tragic death.

One f'n year

As I wrote in the book, BASEMENT SONGS wouldn't have happened if I wasn't inspired by Seann and the way he embraced 21st Century methods of releasing his art to the world. He wanted to get his music heard and it wasn't about sales so much as it was about sharing.

Now I don't believe it was a random selection of December 4th, and whatever fears I have about not completing it on time or not figuring out the technology are abated. I have someone watching over me and he's going to help me get this done in time. That I really believe.

December 4, 2012.

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