Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nail biting...

Now the nail biting begins. Next week I'm supposed to record a podcast with my Popdose co-horts, Matt Wardlaw and Jeff Giles. I sent them the book on Friday night and they're the first two people to read the final draft.  Logically, I should be thinking, "Hey, these guys already like the column, what am I worried about?" However, there is still that side of me - the writer side - that fears rejection.

It can't be as bad as the reactions to "King's Highway" can it? I mean, some people HATED that movie (I shouldn't publicize that, should I. What I meant to say is that some people just didn't GET the movie. Yeah, that's it).

I think I'm more nervous that two people I highly respect are reading the book and I really hope they like it.

Not that I don't want everyone to like it. Because I do. I'm a writer, see, and we're neurotic messes.


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