Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Once more with feeling

Tonight I completed my final pass at the book. I hope it's up to the standards that readers are used to. I've done my best, having read and re-read the book six times and had two people proofread the manuscript. If I don't stop now I could be revising the book forever. In fact, I rewrote the introduction of a chapter on  the train ride home tonight.

It's done. I have to move forward and trust that I've done my best and the people will appreciate all the hard work that has gone into self-publishing the book. Now I will spend the next two weeks finalizing the details, like completing the cover, building the master PDF that will become the book (a painstaking but necessary process) and figuring out how to upload and create the Kind version of the book. That last one seems easy, but I'm always suspicious when things appear too easy.

For all of you who are following the progress of the book, I'll be filling in more of the details about it in the coming weeks. For now, since it's after midnight and I have work in the morning, I'll just say goodnight.


PS- Oh what the hell, here's They Might Be Giants!

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