Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Almost there...

And so it is complete. The book cover is done and it looks fucking beautiful, if you pardon my French. Joe Game did one hell of a job with the cover. He even took a nice picture of my ugly mug.

I've submitted the book to Lulu. I've ordered a copy that hopefully will be here early next week.

The book has been uploaded to Amazon and now we just wait until it is ready for downloads.

Tuesday may be right around the corner, but I'm full of excitement.

In 2008 my movie, King's Highway, finally found a home on DVD. I was so proud and couldn't wait for the world to see it. However, no matter how much I call it "my" movie, I know that a team of people worked with me in front of and behind the camera to make it a sweet little picture.

A couple years ago I wrote a comic book that my writing partner and I released. We'd hoped that there would be an entire series. Unfortunately everything stalled when our artists got too busy. Again, I'm so proud of that comic book. Yet I didn't do it on my own. In fact, my co-writer, Jeff Marsick, paid for most of it.

BASEMENT SONGS is my blood, sweat and tears. It's success and failure rests on me. I am so excited for the world to read it. I'm excited for the friends and followers of the Popdose column to see the differences between the original posts and the narrative I've created for the book. I'm excited that new readers may discover it. And I'm excited that there's potential to raise money for the CF Foundation.

This calls for something fun.

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